12/15/14 •

The exchange of ideas and discourse is at the heart of our mission here at the University of Oregon.  In that spirit, I am pleased to share Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, Yvette Alex-Assensoh’s recent opinion essay titled, “Are Black Men America’s Proverbial Canaries in the Coal Mine?”   Her essay offers a perspective on the two recent grand jury verdicts and their implications for American democracy.

12/10/14 •

Interim President Scott Coltrane sent the following email to members of the University Senate regarding the proposal for university's process for reviewing policies:Colleagues,The University of Oregon lived up to its reputation as a place of lively debate and passionate discourse this week in our discussion of a policies proposal before the UO Board of Trustees.

12/10/14 •

I am very pleased to report that the University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation have reached a tentative contract agreement. Once ratified, the new contract will provide pay increases and a graduate assistance fund and absences provision that address concerns about financial losses from medical and parental needs. This agreement means the strike has ended and we can return to our end-of-term activities.

12/08/14 •

While finals week launched with no overt disruptions, I had the chance to meet with some elected officials to discuss some major campus issues during “Legislative Days.” Obviously, our ongoing negotiations with the Graduate Teaching Fellows are uppermost on the minds of many. I think I can best summarize their thoughts with the phrase “keep at it.”The opportunity to pursue mediation came a day earlier than expected; we returned to discussions this afternoon. We are prepared to meet anytime the mediator or the GTFF feels it would be beneficial.

12/05/14 •

I’m disappointed to report that we have ended another day of mediation with the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation without agreement. We had hope of bringing this issue to a close prior to finals week, but our next mediation is now scheduled for Tuesday. Despite the setbacks, we remain committed to the collective bargaining process. We are confident that an agreement will be reached and that we will soon be able to focus our attention on a successful winter term.

12/04/14 •

After a long day of mediation with the university and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation sharing confidential proposals, talks have concluded for the evening.While I hope for a swift resolution, I’m proud of our bargaining team for staying at the table to work to find a solution and we look ahead to another mediation session tomorrow.