The Investiture of Michael H. Schill

The university medallion and mace, the official symbols of the University of Oregon, were formally passed into the hands of Michael H. Schill on June 1, 2016 when campus marked the investiture of its 18th president.

Investiture is a formal ceremony marking the installation of a new president at most universities and many other longstanding institutions. It marks the transfer of authority associated with a high office from one person to another.

“Investiture is an important tradition in the life of the academy," said Chuck Lillis, chair of the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon. “We will be celebrating our president’s successful first year, as much as formally installing him into the position. This will also be an opportunity for Mike to reflect on his aspirations for the future of this great institution.”

Schill arrived on the UO campus in July 2015, succeeding Scott Coltrane, who served as interim president for a year before returning to his current position as senior vice president and provost.

The term “investiture” is a Latin for "in dress" or "in robe."