Proud of our Ducks

January 13, 2015

Interim President Coltrane sent the following email to campus congratulating the Ducks football team on a great season:

Dear campus community,

I am incredibly proud of our University of Oregon Ducks’ season and appearance in the inaugural College Football Playoff championship. I know many are disappointed that the Ducks didn't win one more game, but they are truly winners in my eyes. They played tough, with heart, and never gave up. They were inspirational to the end, and that is all that anyone can ask for.

The best way we can acknowledge our pride and thanks to the team, coaches, trainers, advisors, band members, cheerleaders, and many others for this amazing season is to hold our heads up high. For fans and non-fans, overcoming adversity, striving, and pursuing is part of what makes Ducks, Ducks.

I am personally appreciative of the support, encouragement, and patience of the campus and greater community. I am proud of the way we have balanced our appreciation for this unprecedented season with our primary mission of academics.

Our team’s success provided a special opportunity for us to tout the academic and research excellence of our university, to introduce more people to the unique culture and experience we enjoy here at the UO, and to come together as a community. We will benefit from this for many years to come.

I am proud of our team, who remained poised and respectful as they graciously congratulated Ohio State for their win. Facing adversity as a team is what makes the Oregon Ducks champions as people.

Congratulations on an amazing season, Ducks, and thank you.

Go Ducks!

Scott Coltrane
Interim President