03/17/2021 • President Schill and Provost Phillips shared a message with the university community condemning the recent murders and acts of violence and discrimination against people of Asian and Asian-American descent.
03/15/2021 • President Michael H. Schill acknowledges the one year anniversary of the institution switching to predominantly remote operations in response to COVID-19.
03/08/2021 • President Michael Schill delivered the following remarks at the UO Board of Trustees full board meeting on March 8, 2021.
03/02/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a recommendation to the UO Board of Trustees regarding tuition and fees for the 2021-22 academic year based on a recommendation from TFAB and input from students and other university stakeholders.
03/01/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community about higher education being included in Phase 1B of Oregon's COVID-19 vaccine distribution and confirmed that the university will return to predominantly in-person education in fall 2021.
02/24/2021 • President Michael H. Schill talked about the role and impact donors have had in supporting the UO's student success initiatives and helping thousands of students realize their dream of a university education.
02/15/2021 • President Michael Schill invited the UO community to provide feedback on the Tuition and Fee Advisory Board's (TFAB) recommendation for 2021-2022 tuition and fees.
02/09/2021 • President Michael H. Schill announced that Kyle Henley will be departing UO to become the senior vice president for communication at the University of Southern California, and Jennifer Lindsey will serve in the interim while a national search is launched.
01/19/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community to share information about spring term instruction, UO's support of public efforts to provide access to vaccines, and planning for fall term.
01/14/2021 • President Michael H. Schill joined other campus leaders in commemorating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during this year's virtual MLK Day program.