Administrative Committees

Administrative committees are formed and charged by university administration in order to advise the administration about a particular matter. Each committee's charge defines its general role and duties.


University Senate Advisory Committees

In addition to the administrative committees, a number of University Senate committees also advise university administration. Information about these committees as well as other University Senate committees can be found on the University Senate website using the links below.


Campus Planning Committee

Advises the president on long‐range campus development with regard to buildings, landscaping, and transportation policy. 

Committee on Scholarships

Advises the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships on policy and procedures for awarding scholarships; participates in review of applications and selection of scholarship recipients. 

Honorary Degrees and Distinguished Service Awards

 Reviews nominations, recommends recipients of honorary degrees and annual UO awards for distinguished service to the state and region. 

Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee

The Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (IAAC) advises the president of the University of Oregon on policies and practices of the Athletic Department and academic units as they affect academics on campus. 

International Scholarships Committee

Screens candidates for Fulbright and other international scholarships. 

Officers of Administration Council

The OA Council is an elected body that brings together the UO’s diverse group of managerial, supervisory, administrative and other professionals to promote and facilitate communication, identify and address pertinent issues, share information, enhance professional identity, and create opportunities for collegiality and community. 

Policy Advisory Council

The Policy Advisory Council (PAC) is a cross-functional group of faculty, students, and staff appointed by the president to advise him on university-wide policy development, including enactment of new policies, and the revision or repeal of existing policies. The PAC helps ensure that each policy proposal goes through the proper process, is reviewed by appropriate stakeholders, and comports with overall policy definitions.

Student Conduct Advisory Committee

The Student Conduct Advisory Committee (SCAC) provides peer perspective on matters of student conduct and academic integrity at the University of Oregon.

Student-Faculty Committee on Grievances

Receives, investigates, and reviews complaints by students against faculty members (concerning academic responsibilities) and makes recommendations to the president. 

University Appeals Board

Responsible for reviewing substantive and/or procedural appeals from decision issues following an administrative conference, consistent with the Student Conduct Code.