Campus Messages

01/19/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community to share information about spring term instruction, UO's support of public efforts to provide access to vaccines, and planning for fall term.
01/06/2021 • President Michael H. Schill shared the following statement with the university community regarding the violence taking place in Washington D.C. and cities throughout the United States.
01/04/2021 • University of Oregon President Michael H. Schill reflects on the past year and provides insight into the coming weeks and months of winter term and 2021.
11/23/2020 • President Michael H. Schill sent an Open Mike to campus expressing gratitude for the university's perseverance through the COVID-19 pandemic and optimism for what the future holds for the UO.
11/09/2020 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community announcing a number of reforms to the UO Police Department including reducing the number of armed officers and increasing the number of unarmed community service officers.
11/04/2020 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the campus community encouraging patience as the nation awaits the results of the 2020 presidential election.
04/11/2019 • Dear Colleagues, Universities today face headwinds from a multitude of sources. In the political sphere, one party castigates us for being ideologically unbalanced and intolerant of free speech and the other for being unaffordable and elitist. Trust in universities is battered by a deluge of criticism and well-publicized scandals involving sexual violence, administrative misfeasance, and admissions improprieties.
05/12/2016 • Over the past few weeks we have announced the appointments of a new vice president for research and three deans—an unprecedented series of leadership hires that are critical for the University of Oregon’s future and ability to achieve excellence. I want to extend my deepest thanks to Brook Muller, Julianne Newton, and Brad Shelton, all of whom stepped up to serve their units and schools with enormous distinction. Our whole university owes them a tremendous debt of gratitude.