Student Conduct Advisory Committee

The Student Conduct Advisory Committee (SCAC) provides peer perspective on matters of student conduct and academic integrity at the University of Oregon.

Charge and Responsibilities

The Committee of students, faculty, and professional staff (classified staff and officers of administration) serves a three-tiered purpose for supporting the university student conduct system: Advise, Advocate, and Advance. In accordance with the Student Conduct Code, the SCAC will assist the Director of the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS) by:

  • Advising. Review and make recommendations for changes to the Code and related procedures.
  • Advocating. Provide educational outreach to university students, faculty, and staff.
  • Advancing. Explore new and innovative ways to increase student and faculty awareness of and involvement in the student conduct program.

The Director will provide the Committee with an annual report which includes: articulation of currently published procedures, anticipated policy and/or procedural changes, and an overview of the previous year, including any changes made.

Recruitment, training and facilitation of the SCAC is the responsibility of the SCCS, in collaboration with the University Senate, OA Council, and the ASUO.


committee department SCHOOL/COLLEGE/ADMIN UNIT position term committee position
Erik Girvan   School of Law Assistant Professor '21-'22, '22-'23 Faculty
Ryan Hildebrand   UO Libraries Special Collections and Authorities Cataloger '21-'22, '22-'23 Faculty
Michael Tomcal Accounting Lundquist College of Business Instructor '21-'22, '22-'23 Faculty
Kat Finseth       '21-'22 Student
McKale Walker       '21-'22 Student
Ryan Laws       '21-'22 Student
Aaron Silberman       '21-'22 Student
Addie Beplate     Law student '21-'22 Student (Graduate or Law)
Sandy Weintraub   School of Law

Interim Asst. Dean of Student Affairs; Director, Oregon Law Commission

'21-'22 Professional Staff
Hannah White Holden Center Office of the Dean of Students Interim Coordinator '21-'22 Professional Staff
Laurel Bastian   Office of the Provost Faculty Consultant '21-'22 Professional Staff

Membership Requirements

SCAC membership is comprised of three faculty, three professional staff, and four students (including at least one graduate or law student).

SCAC members are appointed by the President each spring term. Appointments begin the subsequent fall term. Temporary members may be appointed at such times as are necessary.

SCCS will coordinate annual, spring recruitment with the University Senate, OA Council, and the ASUO. If there is a need to supplement recommendations made directly to the President from shared governance bodies, SCCS will facilitate an application process. Successful applicants will be recommended to the President for appointment consideration.

Leadership Structure

a) Chair: elected from the committee membership

b) Convener: Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards

c) Staff: Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Election Schedule for Chair

At the first meeting of the year.

Length of Term

a) Non-students (faculty, OAs): 2 years, staggered

b) Students: 2 years, staggered 

Term Limits

a) For the Chair: no term limits

b) For Committee Members: two consecutive terms

c) Ex-Officio: n/a

Frequency of Meetings

Approximately 3 meetings per term

Reporting Deadline(s)

The Student Conduct Advisory Committee shall provide a report to the University Senate. At a minimum this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the committee chair to the Senate president and Senate executive coordinator no later than June 1st. The committee shall also make additional written or oral reports to the Senate as necessary.


Student Conduct and Community Standards,