Campus Messages

09/25/2022 • Interim President Patrick Phillips sent a message to incoming UO students welcoming them to the university and wishing them a great start to their time as Ducks.
09/19/2022 • Interim President Phillips condemns behavior at UO football game against Brigham Young University.
08/22/2022 • Interim President Phillips discusses a year of accelerating momentum and shares his primary motto: We are better together.
08/17/2022 • President Michael H. Schill sent a final message to the University of Oregon community to share his gratitude for being a part of the UO community and his hopes for the future of the university and the state of Oregon.
07/28/2022 • President Michael H. Schill thanks the campus community for their contributions to the World Athletics Championships Oregon22.
06/24/2022 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community regarding the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.
06/14/2022 • President Michael H. Schill, Provost Patrick Phillips, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh, and Chief Human Resources Officer Mark Schmelz sent a message to campus with the initial results from the spring 2022 IDEAL Climate Survey of Employees.
06/10/2022 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community marking the end of the academic year, congratulating this year's graduates, and thanking every member of the UO community for their contributions and efforts this year.
05/09/2022 • President Michael H. Schill shared a message with campus encouraging students and the campus community to join in recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month.
04/25/2022 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to campus announcing the retirement of Vice President for Student Life Dr. Kevin Marbury in July.