Invitation to attend tuition forum, comment on TFAB recommendation

Dear University of Oregon community members,
As part of the University of Oregon’s annual  tuition-setting process, I have received this year’s tuition and fee recommendations from the Tuition and Fee Advisory Board (TFAB), a group comprised of students, faculty, and staff. The TFAB memo makes recommendations about the tuition and fee rates for incoming undergraduate students and graduate programs for the academic year 2024-25.
I invite members of the campus community to review TFAB’s 2024-25 tuition and fee recommendations and provide feedback, so I can make an informed and thoughtful proposal to the Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon. The board will set tuition rates at its regular meeting on March 11 and 12. There are two ways to share input with me — at a public forum and by submitting written feedback as follows:
  • Attend the in-person President’s Tuition Forum on Thursday, February 15, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. in the EMU Crater Lake rooms; and/or 
  • Submit written feedback using this input form by 5:00 p.m., Monday, February 19. 
Guaranteed Tuition for Continuing Undergraduates
The university is in the fourth year of the guaranteed tuition program, the Oregon Guarantee , which was approved by the Board of Trustees in the spring of 2020 and transformed the UO’s undergraduate tuition model. Under guaranteed tuition, the rate of tuition and administratively controlled mandatory fees for each new class of undergraduate students does not change for five years.
As part of the transition plan for the new program, the Board of Trustees also locked annual tuition and administratively controlled mandatory fee increases for undergraduate students who started prior to the summer of 2020 at 3 percent per year for a four-year period. Any remaining continuing students who  started prior to the summer of 2020 who  have not yet graduated will automatically be included in the 2020 tuition cohort  for the  2024-25 academic year.
Incoming Undergraduates
The Tuition and Fee Advisory Board recommends tuition and mandatory fees for the incoming cohort of new undergraduate students (2024 Tuition Cohort) be set at the following rates:
Resident and non-resident rates, locked for five years: 
Tuition: 3 percent higher than the 2023 Tuition Cohort. 
Administratively controlled mandatory fees: 2.99 percent higher than the 2023 Tuition Cohort.
Graduate Programs
The TFAB recommendation also addresses graduate tuition rates. There are approximately 80 separate tuition rates for graduate programs across the UO. Almost all the proposed graduate tuition rates for 2024-25 range from no increase to 3.5 percent, with the exception of the School of Law, which proposes increases of 5 and 8.4 percent (see TFAB memo for all proposed rates). The TFAB is recommending approval of these rates.
I want to thank the members of the TFAB for their hard work and dedication, and the many members of the university community who provided information and participated in the process. This proposal is the product of ten open meetings, an open forum in January cohosted by TFAB and ASUO, hours and hours of analysis, and work by a group of volunteer students, faculty, and staff who care deeply about the UO and our ability to deliver quality, affordability, and accessibility.
I look forward to hearing your feedback and input.
Karl Scholz