Commencement Advisory Sub-Group 1 meeting, April 19, 2023

Sub-Group 1 members:

Xcaret Bello – Associated Students of the University of Oregon

Jamie Carr – Co-chair, Parent’s Leadership Council

Bob Choquette – Faculty Senate; Senior Instructor II and Graduate Coordinator, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Krista Chronister – Vice Provost of Graduate Studies

Fabienne Moore – Faculty Senate; Associate Professor of French Romance Languages

Matthew Norton- Faculty Senate; Associate Professor of Sociology

Jordan Pridemore – Associated Students of the University of Oregon

Susan Ordonez- Sr Assoc Dir Alumni Engagement, University Advancement

Bill Harbaugh – Faculty Senate; Professor, Economics, College of Arts and Sciences

Lindsey Hayward – Program Manager, Office of the Provost

Carlyn Schreck – Assistant Vice President, Presidential Initiatives, facilitator

Meeting Summary

Review Process and Timeline. To accommodate the time constraints and work group member representation, the work of the group is being divided in two. This initial Group 1 meeting focused efforts on data collection and outreach to key stakeholder groups.

Data Collection. The work group reviewed and discussed the input already received to include University Senate Legislation, 2023 Commencement Petition, and noted a request to review emails received regarding 2023 Commencement. The charge deliverable includes a survey to collect additional input from key stakeholder groups to inform plans for 2024-2028 Commencement.

Next Steps and Timeline. The work group was asked to provide comment on a draft survey. The larger workgroup will convene May to review the survey results and resource analysis to inform recommendations that will be presented to the incoming president.