Commencement Advisory Sub-Group 2 meeting, April 25, 2023

Sub-Group 2 members:

Brooke Cagno – Events and Scheduling Coordinator, School of Music and Dance

Renee Dorjahn – Associate Dean of Finance and Administration, Clark Honors College

Lisa Fortin – Director of Events and Student Recruitment, College of Education

Collette Niland – Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Lundquist College of Business

Lisa Mick Shimizu – Director Operations and Strategic Initiatives, College of Arts and Sciences

Sarah Rivas - Major Student Events Manager, Division of Student Life

Kathie Stanley - Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff, Division of Student Life

Wendy Westphal – Associate Director, Volunteer Engagement, University Advancement

Rick Schaufler – Coordinator of Student and Alumni Relations, College of Design

Lauren Stanfield – Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Branding, University Communications

Angie Whittington – Project Manager Outreach and Events, School of Journalism and Communication

Lindsey Hayward – Program Manager, Office of the Provost

Carlyn Schreck – Assistant Vice President Presidential Initiatives, facilitator

Meeting Summary

Review Process and Timeline. To accommodate the time constraints and work group member representation, the work of the group is being divided in two. This initial Group 2 meeting focused efforts on reviewing and discussing best practices and comparator institution’s commencements and developing a resource analysis.

Data Collection. The work group reviewed and discussed data to inform planning to include comparator institutions, best practices, and resource considerations.  

Next Steps and Timeline. The larger workgroup will convene May to review the survey results and resource analysis to inform recommendations that will be presented to the incoming president.