Panelists named for review of UO sexual misconduct prevention and response

Eight panelists will conduct a thorough review and evaluation of the university's practices for preventing and responding to sexual misconduct.

University of Oregon Review Panel on Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response

University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson, Vice President for Student Affairs Robin Holmes, and Athletic Director Rob Mullens have appointed eight panelists to a review panel. The panel will conduct an evaluation of the university’s practices for preventing and responding to sexual misconduct that affects our students, and supporting those who have experienced it.

The panelists were selected from among recommendations made by members of the campus community. The president, vice president for student affairs and athletic director sought participants with a broad range of perspectives, professional expertise, diverse backgrounds, and without current obligations to the university.

The panel includes:

  • Javaune Adams-Gaston – Ohio State University Vice President for Student Life (Editor's note: Jackie Balzer has replaced Javaune Adams-Gaston)
  • Robert Berdahl - Former AAU President, Former UO Interim President, Former Chancellor UC Berkeley, Former University of Texas President
  • Mary Deits – Former Oregon Court of Appeals Judge
  • Laura Hinman – USC Graduate Student, Former ASUO President (Editor's note: Lyndsey Goforth has replaced Laura Hinman on the panel)
  • David Schuman – Former Oregon Court of Appeals Judge, Former UO Law Professor
  • Theodore Spencer - University of Michigan Admissions Executive Director
  • Kevin Weiberg - Former Pac-12 Deputy Commissioner, Former Big 12 Commissioner
  • Mary Wilcox – UO Trustee

Additional biographic information is available here.


The panel will be charged with conducting a thorough review of the university’s practices, policies, and protocols related to the prevention of and response to sexual violence on campus. The panel’s process will provide ample opportunity for public input and comment, and should consider the issue from a wide range of perspectives. This review will include, but not be limited to:

  • Evaluation of current practices and protocols for the prevention of sexual misconduct and support for those who have experienced it
  • Review of the athletic department’s processes for evaluating prospective student-athletes
  • Review of life-skill education and support for students, including the communication of conduct expectations
  • Review of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Assault report, as well as other relevant reports and materials, to make recommendations for additional actions, studies or reviews
  • Research best practices at other universities to ensure UO practices for the prevention and response to sexual misconduct meet the highest standards.

Further refinement of the charge will be informed by the expertise of the panelists as they conduct their work.

Following its review, the panel will present a set of observations and recommendations to President Gottfredson focusing on both immediate and long-term changes to improve the university’s processes for prevention, response, and education on sexual misconduct, with the goal of creating a safer campus and a culture of dignity and respect for all students.

Process and Timing

Work is to begin immediately, with care taken to collect initial input from the campus. The panel will convene for its first meeting as soon as schedules allow.

Please submit comments and suggestions for the panel’s consideration to