07/19/2021 • President Michael H. Schill made a statement following the ruling by a federal judge in Texas on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.
07/06/2021 • President Schill, Provost Phillips, and Vice President Guldberg sent a message announcing a second $500-million gift from Penny and Phil Knight, launching the next phase of the Knight Campus.
06/25/2021 • President Michael H. Schill and UO Board of Trustees Chair Chuck Lillis sent a message to faculty and staff announcing that Angela Wilhelms, university secretary and advisor to the president, will be leaving the university in September to become President and CEO of Oregon Business and Industry.
06/15/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent an Open Mike to the UO community reflecting on the challenges over the past year, thanking the many people who helped keep the university afloat during the pandemic, and looking ahead to what the future holds.
06/14/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the UO community thanking them for their incredible resilience and tenacity throughout an academic year like no other.
06/10/2021 • This message announces a new program to help address potential impacts on a particularly vulnerable subset of the community: pre-tenure faculty.
06/02/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to campus regarding recent events of anti-Semitic violence.
05/11/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to students in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month with resources and events available to support students' mental health.
05/10/2021 • President Michael H. Schill sent a message to the university community announcing that the University of Oregon will require students, faculty, and staff who will be on campus to be vaccinated prior to the start of fall 2021.
05/06/2021 • President Schill and Provost Phillips shared a message with faculty announcing Tim Gleason's retirement and an internal search for the next UO Faculty Athletics Representative.