01/25/2017 • Like many universities throughout the nation, the University of Oregon is actively engaging in issues of diversity and inclusion on campus and using them as an opportunity for debate, learning, and community-building.
01/18/2017 • President Schill addressed students and community members on Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day.
01/12/2017 • As many of you may know, the Provost Search Committee has been hard at work for the past five months. The 17-member committee, which includes representatives from virtually all of the UO’s constituencies, has created a position description, built a pool of candidates, and conducted interviews with a wide variety of potential candidates. We are now at the stage of the process where we plan to bring some of them back to Eugene for more intensive interviews and recruitment.
01/09/2017 • Over the past couple of months, the University of Oregon’s handling of events associated with Professor Nancy Shurtz’s decision to wear a controversial Halloween costume has garnered significant media attention, both locally and nationally. A number of editorials, letters to the editor, and blog posts have engaged in discussions on the topic. Some of the coverage has been, in my opinion, thoughtful but some has, perhaps not surprisingly, sensationalized and caricatured what is a very serious incident that deeply affected our students and, by extension, our entire university community.
12/06/2016 • Last Thursday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown released her budget for the FY 2017–19 biennium and proposed flat funding for all seven public universities. This is good news only in the sense that it could have been a lot worse due to the state’s estimated $1.7 billion budget deficit for the next biennium. The bad news is that flat funding from the state creates significant financial challenges for the UO.
12/05/2016 • December 1, 2016President Michael H. Schill delivered the following president's report to the University of Oregon Board of Trustees during the December meeting. These are remarks as drafted and may not be verbatim. We will be discussing in great depth tomorrow two matters that occupy a great deal of my time and energy—the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact and the governor’s recommended budget that was released today and its impact on our own operating budget. Thus, I will keep my remarks on those very short.
11/17/2016 • We, the president, provost, vice provosts, vice presidents, deans and other leadership of the University of Oregon, are committed to creating an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable learning environment for every member of our academic community.
11/16/2016 • We have heard from numerous students, faculty, and staff that they are concerned about potential changes to immigration laws, especially as relates to undocumented students and those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We want to be very clear that we support all UO students, regardless of their immigration status.
11/15/2016 • It may be obvious to many of you, but I want to make crystal clear our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Every person in this university is important and valued. The university’s leadership team stands united in our resolve to do whatever we can to enable every member of our community to flourish and contribute.
11/14/2016 • Each one of you belongs at this university, and we care about you. What we need to do is come together and embrace everyone here and make sure that everybody feels a part of this university, knowing that we can succeed and we are all rooting for them. View the "Dear Ducks" video here.