President's Updates

A message about UNC Charlotte shooting

05/01/2019 • May 1, 2019 Dear University of Oregon community members: I would like all of us at the University of Oregon to take a moment to extend our thoughts and prayers to the University of North Carolina community following a shooting on their campus in Charlotte yesterday. I extend deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives, and we wish those who were wounded a speedy and full recovery.

Provost Search

04/25/2019 • April 25, 2019 Dear University of Oregon campus community, In the weeks since Provost Jayanth Banavar announced his intention to step down on July 1, I have personally consulted with dozens of faculty members and administrators on how to proceed in the coming months. In addition, I have engaged in dialogue with groups such as the Faculty Advisory Council, Senate Executive Committee, Deans Council, and Academic Council. I am grateful for all of the advice I received.

Open Mike: Maintaining momentum against headwinds

04/11/2019 • Dear Colleagues, Universities today face headwinds from a multitude of sources. In the political sphere, one party castigates us for being ideologically unbalanced and intolerant of free speech and the other for being unaffordable and elitist. Trust in universities is battered by a deluge of criticism and well-publicized scandals involving sexual violence, administrative misfeasance, and admissions improprieties.

Provost Banavar to step down

04/03/2019 • April 3, 2019 Dear University of Oregon community: I am writing to let you know that Jayanth Banavar will complete his service as provost and senior vice president as of July 1. In stepping back from his academic leadership position, Jayanth, a renowned physicist, will assume his appointment as a professor in the UO’s Department of Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am delighted that he will continue to be part of the UO community.

Budget reduction values and process

03/19/2019 • On March 5, I wrote to let you know that the University of Oregon’s budget situation is becoming more challenging and it is imperative we move forward with efforts to reduce the UO’s annual operating costs. Since then, I have met with a variety of campus stakeholders to receive advice and guidance. Those meetings have been extremely useful in shaping our next steps, including helping identify priorities and principles to guide us. We all have a shared goal of ensuring the institution maintains a strong, upward trajectory even as we grapple with state funding challenges and decreases in international enrollment.

Addressing Budget Challenges

03/05/2019 • Over the last few months, we have communicated with a wide variety of campus stakeholders to let them know that the University of Oregon is going into a difficult budget cycle. Vice President for Finance and Administration Jamie Moffitt has given many presentations articulating the increasing expenses that are putting pressure on our FY 2019–20 budget.

President's Report to UO Board of Trustees, March 2019

03/05/2019 • March 5, 2019 President Michael H. Schill delivered the following remarks at the UO Board of Trustees full board meeting in Eugene: Good morning. Yesterday Jamie gave us a sobering review of the university’s budget situation. While it presents challenges for all of us, it is something that we will manage our way through without harming all of the progress we have achieved over the past four years. That to me is very important.

Nonresident Tuition Recommendation

02/13/2019 • President Michael H. Schill sent the following tuition recommendation message to campus: February 13, 2019 Dear Campus Community,

City Club of Eugene

01/11/2019 • President Michael H. Schill gave the following remarks at the City Club of Eugene meeting on January 22, 2019: Good afternoon. Thank you to the City Club for inviting me to talk about the University of Oregon and our important relationship with Eugene, the region, and state.

President's Report to UO Board of Trustees, December 2018

12/04/2018 • December 4, 2018 President Michael H. Schill delivered the following remarks at the UO Board of Trustees full board meeting in Eugene: Hello. You have heard or will soon hear about many of the key initiatives and priorities of the university during this board meeting including: enrollment, student success, faculty hiring, budgeting, and—coming up this afternoon—tuition setting, legislative session, and the Knight Campus. With so much of this already covered elsewhere, I will try to keep my remarks brief. Today I will talk about three things: