President's Updates

Remarks, Breakfast for Diversity Champions

11/04/2013 • In his introductory remarks at the Office of Equity and Inclusion's October 31, 2013 Breakfast for Diversity Champions, President Gottfredson celebrated those who champion diversity on our campus daily and called upon all to continue working to institutionalize equity, inclusion, and diversity as commonplace practices at the University of Oregon.

Email to faculty and staff: Welcoming our Board of Trustees nominees

10/29/2013 • Dear Colleagues, This week, nominees to the University of Oregon’s new Board of Trustees—the institutional governing board recently established by the Oregon Legislature—will visit our campus for an orientation workshop. It is one of many opportunities our new trustees will have to become broadly knowledgeable about the university and their role as board members before their authority becomes fully effective in July 2014.

Email to faculty and staff: Fall campus update

10/15/2013 • Dear Colleagues, I hope your academic year is off to a great start. I’ve enjoyed meeting new students and welcoming our outstanding new faculty and staff members to campus at events marking the beginning of school, from “Unpack the Quack” and our neighborhood welcome walk to the annual new faculty picnic. Since the close of our previous academic and fiscal years, we’ve made significant progress on a number of fronts that affect the university, and I’m pleased to take this opportunity to share a few highlights with you.

Access and Quality: Sustaining Higher Education in Oregon's Public Interest

10/10/2013 • President Gottfredson delivered the following speech to the Rotary Club of Portland on October 8, 2013. I’m beginning my second year as President of the University of Oregon, and I cannot overemphasize what a privilege that is. I work for an institution that exists solely to improve people’s lives—I would call it a noble organization. Our product is knowledge, and our purpose is advancing the quality of life for the people of Oregon, the nation, and the world.

Email to officers of administration: update on compensation and benefits

10/10/2013 • President Gottfredson sent the following email recognizing the hard work of Officers of Administration and highlighting salary and benefit increases.

Embracing Change to Move the University of Oregon Forward

10/08/2013 • E-mail message to alumni and friends of the University of Oregon As students return to campus this fall, Oregon is embracing bold changes in the way our public universities are governed, reform that is essential to advancing our mission in the face of a prolonged decline in investment from the state.

President Gottfredson on OPB's "Think Out Loud"

10/01/2013 • President Gottfredson was a guest on the OPB radio program "Think Out Loud" today, where he discussed his first year as University of Oregon president. The president answered questions about the challenges and opportunities facing the university, including the role of athletics in higher education, the coming impact of the institution's new governance structure, how the establishment of an institutional board will help refinance the institution, the importance of academic freedom, and more.

Mission Critical: UO's Critical Mission

09/29/2013 • This week, we welcome students and faculty to campus to begin a new academic year at the University of Oregon. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses anywhere: the gracious buildings through which one can read the entire 137-year history of our campus, the lush arboretum that constitutes our grounds, and the remarkable setting in the Southern Willamette Valley. There’s a sense of timelessness on our campus that evokes the legacy of scholarship and inquiry to which our students and faculty contribute.

Email to faculty and staff: Governor announces UO board appointments; UO releases FY2013 giving totals

08/19/2013 • Dear Colleagues,  I am pleased to share with you two items of great importance to the university: Governor John Kitzhaber’s announcement of his appointees to the University of Oregon Board of Trustees, and the university’s fiscal year 2013 giving totals.

President Gottfredson’s statement on passage of Senate Bill 270

07/03/2013 • I’m pleased to report to you that the Oregon Legislature has approved legislation that, when signed by the governor, will transform the way our university is governed by enabling Oregon’s public universities to establish institutional governing boards.