President's Updates

Restructuring of Title IX and AAEO offices

05/24/2018 • Ensuring the University of Oregon has an inclusive and welcoming campus for students, staff, faculty, and the community is a top institutional priority. We must continuously look for ways to strengthen and enhance efforts to address and reduce incidents of discrimination and harassment. To further these efforts, the UO is consolidating its Title IX and Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity offices under a newly formed Office of Civil Rights Compliance

Celebrating diversity and renouncing intolerance

04/18/2018 • As a leader in higher education, the University of Oregon has a profound duty and mission to promote and celebrate diversity of all types. Bringing people of different backgrounds and beliefs together lifts communities throughout our state, nation, and world and also enhances our primary missions of education, research, and service. In addition, perhaps more than ever, each of us needs to understand the perspectives of people who are different from ourselves so that we might build a community based upon trust and mutual respect

Unveiling the new Hayward Field

04/17/2018 • April 17, 2018 President Schill delivered the following remarks during an unveiling of the new Hayward Field. Welcome to all the members of our University of Oregon community who are with us today. Welcome faculty, staff, students, alumni, neighbors, and friends. Today, I have the privilege of announcing a major new milestone in the advancement of the University of Oregon, a progression that has been primarily fueled by the generosity of our alumni.

Campus safety resources

03/20/2018 • Late last night, the university sent out a campus safety advisory about two serious crimes involving UO students that happened recently in neighborhoods near campus within the Eugene Police Department’s (EPD) jurisdiction. We sent this information to campus as soon as we were able to confirm these incidents with EPD. These assaults follow a series of armed robberies and other crimes in recent weeks near campus that have shaken our collective sense of safety and security. They are of serious concern to us, as we know they are to our students, their families, faculty, staff, and neighbors.

Safety precautions following armed robberies near campus

03/09/2018 • In the last week, a rash of five armed robberies near the university has disrupted our collective sense of safety. One of my primary concerns at all times is the safety and security of our students, faculty and staff, and the proximity of these crimes to campus is distressing to us all. I have asked Police Chief Matt Carmichael to do everything within University of Oregon Police Department’s power to both help solve the crimes and increase efforts to protect members of the UO community from these types of incidents.

Input sought on 2018-19 tuition and fees recommendation

02/16/2018 • Last Friday, Provost Jayanth Banavar received the 2018–19 tuition and fee recommendation from the Tuition and Fee Advisory Board (TFAB). In response, he opened a public comment period for campus stakeholders and held a public forum that allowed him to hear directly from students. He and I greatly appreciated hearing from students at the forum, and thank everyone who invested time in this important process and shared their points of view.

Protecting Dreamers defines us as Oregonians: Guest opinion

02/02/2018 • As presidents of the Oregon State Senate and the University of Oregon, each of us has a unique perspective on how protecting undocumented children, known as Dreamers, benefits Oregon. These protections create opportunity. They create hope. They create promise for a generation of young people.

Reflecting on Martin Luther King, Junior's dream

01/15/2018 • In my position as president of the flagship university of this state, I am haunted as many of you are by the spectre of Charlottesville. I ask myself, what should I be doing as an American and as a president of a major university to promote racial justice in this environment?

Open Mike: student success and other 2018 priorities

01/12/2018 • As I write this Open Mike, I feel the earth move under my feet. Before you get concerned that I am singing Carole King songs or having a nightmare about the Cascadia Subduction Zone, you should understand that just outside my office massive trucks and bulldozers are busy breaking ground for the new Willie and Donald Tykeson Hall, the college and careers building.

Board of Trustees December Meeting, President’s Report

12/08/2017 • President Michael Schill’s remarks from the Board of Trustees December meeting on Friday, December 8, 2017.