Wings: UO Presidential Speaker Series

University of Oregon President Michael Schill welcomed guests to his Portland “living room” on Thursday, Nov. 1, for an evening of curated talks and a musical performance to highlight the research, innovation and creativity of UO professors.

  • Doug Toomey, professor of earth sciences and seismologist, discussed the Cascadia earthquake and how Oregonians could have seconds to minutes of advanced notice through ShakeAlert, an earthquake early warning system that still needs seismic infrastructure throughout the state. The technology could also be used to monitor wildfires throughout the state. 
  • Alison Gash, associate professor of political science, talked about the role of the U.S. Supreme Court as one of the federal government’s three branches and how the framers of the constitution built in a system of checks and balances. 
  • Curtis Austin, associate professor of history, shared the history of the Black Panthers, which had primarily become a community service organization providing health checkups and daily breakfast to more than 25,000 children across the country. An FBI counter intelligence program looked to radicalize the group. 
  • Sharon Paul, professor of music, lead 18 student-members of the UO Chamber Choir in a three-song performance, including the hymn “Will the Circle be Unbroken.”

Wings_Curtis Austin