Email to officers of administration: update on compensation and benefits

President Gottfredson sent the following email recognizing the hard work of Officers of Administration and highlighting salary and benefit increases.

To: Officers of Administration
From: UO President Michael Gottfredson
Subject: Updates for Officers of Administration

The University of Oregon and United Academics reached a tentative agreement on a first-time collective bargaining agreement, which was ratified on Tuesday. In addition, University of Oregon classified employees recently negotiated compensation increases with OUS. These agreements provide for compensation and benefit increases for our faculty and classified staff through FY2015. It is important that we also recognize the hard work of over 1200 Officers of Administration, who provide invaluable support and are critical to the success of the university and our students.

To that end, the University plans to implement the same base FY15 salary increase package for Officers of Administration that is planned for represented and unrepresented faculty (1.5% COLA and 3.5% merit pool). Also, beginning in July 2014, subject to approval by our new Board of Trustees, the university intends to implement two new benefits for all unrepresented faculty and Officers of Administration: new paid family leave program and reduced tuition for a second child enrolled in a UO undergraduate program.

Today Jamie Moffitt, Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO, will be joining a meeting with the OA Council to talk about the university’s commitment to all employees, including OAs.

Thank you for all that you do at the University of Oregon. You represent the highest level of accomplishment and innovation in your field and are critical to our mission of advancing our status as one of our nation’s premier public research institutions.


Michael Gottfredson, President