Committee on Recognizing Our Diverse History

Update: June 10, 2020

The charge of the Committee on Recognizing Our Diverse History is currently being updated. More information will be posted on this page as soon as it is available.


On January 31, 2018, the UO Senate passed the “Resolution Denouncing White Supremacy and Hate Speech on Campus”. In response to this resolution and other concerns, the Committee on Recognizing our Diverse History (CRDH), an ad hoc presidential advisory body, was convened in March and charged with developing recommendations for the President around the following:

  1. The additions of plaques to be placed on-campus buildings, statues, or artwork that explain the historical context of the state, nation, and institution at the time it was created or named;
  2. The creation of new statues or other artwork recognizing people of diverse backgrounds who have contributed to the University of Oregon or the land it occupies;
  3. The development of a walking tour guide that allows an individual to see how the campus has evolved over time to reflect the changing political and cultural landscape of the community, state, and nation; and
  4. How items 1-3 can be incorporated into classroom discussions, projects, research, or other academic work.

Committee Membership

The CRDH has engaged a number of UO faculty, staff, and students to share their perspectives and help shape the committee's work. These include:

Dean Livelybrooks (co-chair), chair of the Campus Planning Committee and professor of physics, College of Arts and Sciences
Lesley-Anne Pittard (co-chair), assistant vice president of campus and community engagement, Division of Equity and Inclusion

Curtis Austin, associate professor of history, College of Arts and Sciences
Ayasha Benninghoven, leadership annual giving officer, University Advancement
Cora Bennett, director of student orientation programs, Student Services and Enrollment Management
Imani Dorsey, undergraduate student
Johnny Earl, custodial services coordinator, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration
Keith Eggener, professor of art history, College of Design
Pedro Garcia-Caro, associate professor of Romance languages, College of Arts and Sciences
Roderick Hall, graduate student
Jamie Harper, associate professor of art history, College of Design
Jaclyn Kellon, graduate student
Mariko Lin, education and prevention outreach director, Student Services and Enrollment Management
Linda Long, manuscripts librarian, UO Libraries
Cyrus Lyday, undergraduate student
Deb Morrison, professor of advertising, School of Journalism and Communication
Melanie Muenzer, associate vice president and vice provost for academic initiatives
Zeina Salame, graduate student
Yomaira Tarula, undergraduate student
Ericka Warren, president of the Black Alumni Network
Jason Younker, assistant vice president and advisor to the president on sovereignty and government to government relations

Committee Updates

The committee is currently working on developing recommendations and next steps. Updates and announcements on the committee's work will be posted here.