Mighty Oregon: Higher education, higher purpose

Aerial view of campus

January 24, 2023

Dear members of the University of Oregon community, 

The University of Oregon is driven by its public purpose. For nearly 150 years we have pushed the boundaries of knowledge, fueled innovation, and prepared our students for fulfilling, meaningful lives and careers.

In our 2023 university report: Mighty Oregon, we highlight unique ways the University of Oregon is driving change like never before. Working together, we are propelling society forward. Each school, college, campus, division, center, and institute — and every individual who makes up the University of Oregon — contributes to our mission.

This web of expertise, talent, and drive undergirds our work to make the world a better place. In a time of intensifying challenge and change, society needs what our researchers, teachers, staff, students, and graduates have to offer — more than ever. We are called to demonstrate our value and focus our efforts for the greater good. 

To answer this call, we have identified nine key areas of focus, outlined in the University of Oregon’s Strategic Priorities document. In each of these areas we have unique expertise, resources, and culture to make meaningful change. With all our might, we will continue to break traditional barriers and carve new paths to accelerate our impact and contributions. 

Every aspect of the teaching, research, service, and outreach that takes place at the University of Oregon prepares students to thrive, benefits our state, and improves society. We all have roles to play in elevating student success, fostering equity and inclusion, driving innovation, and solving the thorny challenges of today. 

I invite you to view the report and learn about how faculty, staff, and students at the University of Oregon are putting their resources, drive, and expertise to work to make a lasting difference and improve lives — to achieve our higher purpose. 

We are determined to create solutions for a better world. We are Mighty Oregon. 


Patrick Phillips

Interim President and Professor of Biology