Supreme Court decision doesn't change UO's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

We are disappointed in the decision made today by the United States Supreme Court related to race-conscious decisions in admission. The University of Oregon shares the concerns of our university peers across the nation that this ruling will impact the ability of underrepresented students to access the benefits of higher education.

However, the decision will not change our unwavering commitment to admitting students based on a comprehensive review of their capacity for excellence, a strategy that has vigorously supported our values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. The UO will continue to seek to attract and retain underrepresented and underserved students while providing them with equitable and inclusive access to higher education. This is critical to our mission of inclusive excellence.

Our current university and academic program admissions processes focus on evaluating the promise of each applicant based on a comprehensive review of their quality of character, achievements within the context of their educational experience, and their unique ability to contribute to the university. That aspect of our admissions process has produced a diverse class of scholars each year, and we do not intend to change our successful strategy of evaluating each applicant based on their individual potential. 

We are carefully reviewing the decision and will make any necessary changes to our processes to comply with the ruling while ensuring we continue to achieve our mission-driven goals of providing access, opportunity, equity, and inclusion for students.