University Priorities 2021-26

Strategic Priorities Documents

In spring 2022, then-President Michael H. Schill presented the University Priorities to the UO Board of Trustees. The document updates and extends the university’s Strategic Framework, a set of goals and aspirations adopted in 2016 in support of the University of Oregon's mission, vision, and values.

While the university has achieved many of the priorities identified in the initial strategic framework, the vision of excellence in research and educational impact, student success, inclusion and diversity, and service to society is as relevant now as when it was first adopted.

The priorities set forth in the Strategic Priorities document are typically ones that cross academic disciplines, programs, schools and colleges. They will provide the president and provost with a set of objectives by which to focus their energy and judge their work for the next five years. These priorities have taken shape over several years, with input from the school and college deans, the vice presidents, senate leadership, hundreds of faculty members, working groups, and other administrative and academic leaders. The president and provost thank the many stakeholders for their insights and commitment to developing strategies that will continue the university's ascent as one of the nation’s preeminent public research universities.

Like the initial strategic framework, this set of priorities is not designed as a plan with metrics and prescribed tactics. And importantly, it is not an exhaustive list of what the university will achieve in each school, college, or unit. The president and provost invite each and every school and academic or administrative unit to develop their own priorities and to suggest ways they can participate in these central ones. 

These priorities are meant to guide the president and provost, as they focus the institution’s efforts to create knowledge in service of the public good; educate the next generation of students so they can achieve and contribute; and drive meaningful impact for our state, nation and world.