President's Review Panel

Updated: August 2014

President's Review Panel

The eight-member President’s Review Panel examined the University of Oregon’s prevention and response to sexual misconduct including, sexual harrassment, intimidation, assault, and violence. The panel studied and evaluated the existing practices and policies for preventing, reporting, responding to, providing support for, investigating, and adjudicating sexual misconduct.

Report of President's Review Panel

Statement from the Panel on completed report

December 9, 2014 - Statement from Interim President Coltrane:

I am very appreciative of the work of the President’s Review Panel.  Their report is sobering. It recognizes the work we’ve done and the way our community has come together to tackle this problem. It also makes clear that this university has much work ahead.  

There are many recommendations here, and some very innovative ideas. I look forward to reviewing these ideas in depth. I will review this report along with others, including that of the University Senate Task Force report, to form the bases of a comprehensive plan.  We need to invest in addressing sexual assault because the human cost of not doing so is too great. And we also need to focus our resources to ensure our efforts will address this serious problem.

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