President's Review Panel Details

President's Review Panel

The panel is charged with conducting a thorough review of the university’s practices, policies, and protocols related to the prevention of and response to sexual misconduct and assault on campus. The panel’s process will provide ample opportunity for public input and comment, and will consider the issue from a wide range of perspectives. This review will include, but not be limited to:

  • Evaluation of current practices and protocols for the prevention of sexual misconduct.
  • Evaluation of current practices and protocols for responding to reports of sexual misconduct.
  • Evaluation of the unique experiences for various campus communities including student-athletes, fraternity and sorority members, student housing residents, historically underrepresented groups, LGBTQ students, and others.
  • Research best practices at other universities, review the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Assault report, and review other relevant reports and materials to ensure the UO policies and practices meet the highest standards and the best research on preventing and responding to sexual misconduct.

Following its review, the panel will present a set of observations and recommendations to the president focusing on both immediate and long-term changes to improve the university’s processes for prevention, response, and education on sexual misconduct, with the goal of creating a safer campus and a culture of dignity and respect for all students.

Panel Membership

The panel is made up of local and national experts in the fields of law, higher education, student conduct, and athletics, as well as a member of UO Board of Trustees and a recent UO graduate to represent students' perspective. University leadership selected the panelists from among recommendations made by members of the campus community.


The University of Oregon is paying the travel and incidental expenses of the panelists. The UO has offered an honorarium of $10,000 to the panelists to cover the substantial time and expertise dedicated to this review effort.